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TEHO Group Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Jun 3, 2016

2016 marks a momentous year for TEHO Group as it turns 30 since its inception in 1986. Evolved from a small local rigging business with less than 10 employees, TEHO Group now boasts of a sterling portfolio of businesses across its twin engines of growth; Marine/Offshore O&G and Real Estate. With its seminal achievements, it is publicly listed on the Catalist Board of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited, SGX-ST, since 2009.

The past three decades posted numerous challenges for TEHO with the dynamic and economic transformation and industrial development both locally and internationally. Underpinned by its core values of integrity and reliability, TEHO grew rapidly via a strategy of international diversification in order to capitalise on opportunities. This saw the lateral expansion that strengthened the leading position and global presence of its Marine and Offshore O&G business unit, and the establishment of a Real Estate arm that balanced risk with market penetration into new frontiers. The business model of TEHO Group draws upon on complementary strengths, operating synergies within the group and prudent capital management to bolsters growth and industrial recognition.

Reflecting on the milestones TEHO Group achieved through the years, it is humbled by the support of its customers and business partners, and in pari pussa, the efforts of its employees working in tandem with the group’s fundamental goal of execution excellence.

As TEHO Group paves its way into the future, it pledges to assiduously and vigilantly explore opportunities to expand geographically, as well as horizontally across its wide range of quality products and services. Emphasising talent management and succession planning, the group maintains a supportive corporate culture and maps the way for new leaders. Together, TEHO Group aims to scale greater heights for the next 30 years and beyond.